Registered participants can access the program in EDAS here. Through that page, the detailed schedule in your own time zone can be found (see below for time zone settings). At the top of the page, you will find an overview of the sessions, and you can click on each session to see it in detail. We recommend that you always join the sessions through the program in EDAS, since that page will always be updated with the latest information.

For each session, there are:

  • A Zoom link for joining the live presentations.
  • Links to the technical papers for download and reading.
  • The possibility to comment on the papers.

Although we strongly encourage participating in the live presentations, there will also be video recordings of the presentations in case you are not able to join all sessions live.

We advice that you check your access to the program page, to Zoom, and to the papers prior to the start of the conference so that any issues can be resolved. If you have any problems, first check our FAQ. If that does not help, contact

Important: EDAS time zone settings

To ensure that you see the right time of each session, you should verify the time zone settings in your EDAS profile. The default setting is unfortunately often incorrect.

Go to (logging in if needed). A bit down the page, there is an entry  “Preferred time zone for deadlines and virtual conferences” where you can select your local time zone.

The program on each day starts at 15.00 Central European Summer Time (Stockholm, Berlin, etc.). It is advisable to verify that the program start time that you see in your local zone correctly corresponts to 15.00 CET. You can find the current time in Stockholm here.

Informal sessions

At the conference, we offer the possibility for participants to organize additional informal sessions adjacent to the main program. The main purpose of this is to stimulate interaction between the participants.

We are open to almost any suggestion as long as it is:

  • Relevant to the topics of the conference.
  • Open for all conference participants to join, i.e., not a closed meeting.
  • Not a commercial marketing event.

It could, for instance, be a mini-workshop on some specific aspect of SoSE, an open discussion or brainstorming on research collaboration, a presentation of ongoing research, or just a social gathering.

We will add informal sessions to the program as they come in, and also announce them to participants, so stay updated! The main time slots for informal sessions are either 14.00-15.00 CET or 19.00-20.00 CET on each day.

If you would like to organize an informal session, please contact