Special Session: System of Robotic Systems – Challenges for large scale systems

Our society is now facing major societal challenges in the fields of healthcare, transport and safety/security, requiring large-scale technological developments such as industry 4.0. To date, with the evolution of technology, modern systems are increasingly moving away from their monolithic (single) configuration. Classical engineering systems have undergone significant technological changes in recent decades. They have more autonomy in decision-making, because automated collaborative
systems called system of systems engineering (SoSE) are gradually evolving towards autonomous and human-collaborative systems.

Among these SoSE, there are robotic systems which are increasingly complex, not only due to their multi-domain internal components but also by their operability in variable and complex environment. Thus, these engineering systems, which can cooperate to perform global missions and can adapt to changes in their surrounding environment, can be described in the form of a concept known as System
of Robotic Systems (SoRS).

This concept describes a set of robotic, heterogeneous and independent component system (CS) at the managerial and operational scales. Component systems can coexist and cooperate in order to achieve missions that a component system cannot achieve alone. They can be geographically dispersed without physical connections, but only real-time and secure information exchange. Finally, component systems can be added, removed or reconfigured without modifying the scalability of SoRS.

The goal of this special section is to provide a forum for researchers to present their recent research results in the area of modeling, control and monitoring of SoRS. Contributions from industry are also encouraged, and both theoretical and experimental works are welcome. This section offers an important opportunity to present and discuss multidisciplinary works in related fields.

Topics of interest include:

  • Modeling for system of robotic systems
  • Simulation for system of robotic systems
  • Control for system of robotic systems
  • Monitoring for system of robotic systems