Frequently Asked Questions


Q: The program in EDAS has different times than in the official program.

A. EDAS shows times in your preferred time zone, so probably your time zone settings are wrong (the default settings are often incorrect). Go to (logging in if needed). A bit down the page, there is an entry  “Preferred time zone for deadlines and virtual conferences” where you can select your local time zone.


Q: When I try to upload my paper, EDAS is complaining about not embedding fonts. What can I do about this?

A: IEEE is requiring that fonts are embedded in the PDF file. If you generate your PDF from Microsoft Word, you can either choose “Print…”, and pick a PDF printer driver. Or, if you use “Save as… > PDF”, make sure to select “PDF/A Compliant” under options.

Q: Should I anonymize author information in the manuscript I submit for review?

A: No, this conference is not using double-blind reviewing. Please include author information as you would in your final manuscript.