SoSE 2021 Preliminary presentation schedule

All times are in Central European Time Zone (CET, Stockholm/Berlin)

Monday, June 14
15:00-15:201.1A: Welcome to SoSE 2021
15:20-16:201.2A: SoS complexity management,
1.2B: SoS in healthcare,
1.2C: SoS resilience
16:30-17:201.3A: Keynote Mark Maier: Systems-of-Systems and the Spectrum of System Classes
17:30-19:001.4A: SoS modeling,
1.4B: Systems of Systems and Complexity
Tuesday, June 15
15:00-15:102.1A: Introduction Day 2
15:10-16:102.2A: SoS in transportation,
2.2B: SoS with AI and humans,
2.2C: Renewable Energy Systems of Systems, part 1
16:25-17:152.3A: Keynote George Kamiya: Digitalization and climate change
17:30-19:002.4A: SoSE methods 1,
2.4B: Renewable Energy Systems of Systems, part 2
Wednesday, June 16
15:00-15:103.1A: Introduction Day 3
15:10-16:103.2A: SoS in construction,
3.2B: SoSE methods 2,
3.2C: Model-based SoSE
16:25-17:153.3A: Keynote Nicole Kringos: From Via Appia to the Smart Road: How transportation infrastructure has become a system-of-systems
17:30-19:003.4A: Human-centered and socio-technical SoS,
3.4B: Perspectives on Systems of Systems from different domains
Thursday, June 17
15:00-15:104.1A: Introduction Day 4
15:10-16:104.2A: SoSE decision making,
4.2B: SoS architecture,
4.2C: Data analytics in SoS
16:25-17:154.3A: Keynote Kim Wikström: System Innovation – Visualizing Ecosystems to Enforce Transformation
17:30-19:004.4A: Autonomous and adaptive SoS,
4.4B: Innovation ecosystems
Friday, June 18
15:00-15:105.1A: Introduction Day 5
15:10-16:405.2A: Trustworthy SoS,
5.2B: Special session: Systems of robotic systems,
5.2C: Systems Engineering Masters Education and the role of SoSE
16:55-17:455.3A: Keynote Duncan Kemp: Systems of Systems Engineering, a 30 year retrospective
17:45-18:055.4A: Closing SoSE 2021

Monday, June 14

Monday, June 14 15:00 – 15:20

1.1A: Welcome to SoSE 2021

Monday, June 14 15:20 – 16:20

1.2A: SoS complexity management

15:20 Towards the Definition of a Strategic Complexity Management Framework for Complex Industrial Systems 
Lucas Freund, Salah Al-Majeed and Alan Millard

15:50 Case Studies Key-Findings of a Strategic Complexity Management Framework for Industrial Manufacturing Systems 
Lucas Freund, Salah Al-Majeed and Alan Millard

1.2B: SoS in healthcare

15:20 Characterizing Emergent Behaviors in Twitter Telehealth Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Chun Lun Lit and Inas S. Khayal

15:50 Applying SoSE in Healthcare: the case for a soft systems methodology approach to Digital-first Primary Care 
Iqra Shahzad, Melanie King and Michael Henshaw

1.2C: SoS resilience

15:20 Resilience in systems of systems: electrified transport systems 
Pontus Svenson, Kerstin Eriksson and Sara Janhäll

15:50 An Architecture Description of Resilience SoS Engineering for Critical Infrastructure 
Akira Ishizaka and Hidekazu Nishimura

Monday, June 14 16:30 – 17:20

1.3A: Keynote: Systems-of-Systems and the Spectrum of System Classes

Mark W. Maier

Monday, June 14 17:30 – 19:00

1.4A: SoS modeling

17:30 A Modeling Method for Representation of Geographical Information of a System-of-Systems 
Young-Min Baek, Eunho Cho, Yong-Jun Shin and Doo-Hwan Bae

18:00 Tactical Decision Aids Instruction Generation Based on Event Knowledge Graph 
Zhen Jia, Yang Chu and Zhi Liu

18:30 Communication Oriented Modeling of Evolving Systems of Systems 
Sean Remond Harbo, Mathias Knøsgaard Kristensen, Emil Palmelund Voldby, Simon Vinberg Andersen, Felix Cho Petersen and Michele Albano

1.4B: Systems of Systems and Complexity

INCOSE WG session

Tuesday, June 15

Tuesday, June 15 15:00 – 15:10

2.1A: Introduction Day 2

Tuesday, June 15 15:10 – 16:10

2.2A: SoS in transportation

15:10 System of Systems Meta-Architecture Approach to Improve Legacy Metrorails for Enhanced Customer Experience 
Maxwell Polley and Cihan H Dagli

15:40 A design method for collaborative systems of systems applied to Metropolitan Multi-Mode Transport System 
Pontus Svenson, Frida Reichenberg and Jakob Axelsson

2.2B: SoS with AI and humans

15:10 Empowering Adaptive Human Autonomy Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence 
Christophe Alix, Mark Chattington, Johan De Heer, Juliette Mattioli, Pierre-Olivier Robic and Daniel Lafond

15:40 A heterogeneous autonomous collaborative system for powerline inspection using human-robotic teaming 
Srikanth Vemula, Steven Marquez, Jovany Avila, Tristan Brouwer and Michael Frye

2.2C: Renewable Energy Systems of Systems, part 1

Kongsberg Systems Engineering Event

Tuesday, June 15 16:25 – 17:15

2.3A: Keynote: Digitalization and climate change

George Kamiya

Tuesday, June 15 17:30 – 19:00

2.4A: SoSE methods 1

17:30 Conceptual models to support reasoning in early-phase concept evaluation – a subsea case study 
Siv Engen, Kristin Falk and Gerrit Muller

18:00 Contract-based methods and activities in the validation of interfaces for System of Systems 
Moritz Wäschle, Matthias Behrendt, Kangning Xing, Hanwen Shi and Albert Albers

18:30 Cognitive Thread Supports System of Systems for Complex System Development 
Shouxuan Wu, Jinzhi Lu, Zhenchao Hu, Pengfei Yang, Guoxin Wang and Dimitris Kiritsis

2.4B: Renewable Energy Systems of Systems, part 2

Kongsberg Systems Engineering Event

Wednesday, June 16

Wednesday, June 16 15:00 – 15:10

3.1A: Introduction Day 3

Wednesday, June 16 15:10 – 16:10

3.2A: SoS in construction

15:10 Implementing Systems Engineering in the Construction Industry: Literature Review for Research Alignment 
Tobias Lynghaug, Satyanarayana Kokkula and Gerrit Muller

15:40 Design and Evaluation of a System of Systems Architecture for the Optimization of a Cyclic Transport Operation 
David Rylander and Jakob Axelsson

3.2B: SoSE methods 2

15:10 Digital Engineering of Large Scale System of Systems: End-to-End (E2E) Modeling and Analysis Environment 
Judith S. Dahmann, Allison Khaw, Ioana Biloiu, Ryan Jacobs, Chang Kim and Christina Thompson

15:40 Search Optimization Applied to a Modular System Upgrade: A Preliminary Model 
Romulo J Broas and Mo Mansouri

3.2C: Model-based SoSE

15:10 Reusable MBSE Modeling and Simulation for Satellite Network 
Su Gao, Yue Cao and Shikun Xie

15:40 MBSE modeling of a SoS with a small satellite and autonomous surface vessels for persistent coastal monitoring 
Evelyn Honoré-Livermore, Alberto Dallolio, Roger Birkeland, Dennis Langer, Cecilia Haskins and Tor Arne Johansen

Wednesday, June 16 16:25 – 17:15

3.3A: Keynote: From Via Appia to the Smart Road: How transportation infrastructure has become a system-of-systems

Nicole Kringos

Wednesday, June 16 17:30 – 19:00

3.4A: Human-centered and socio-technical SoS

17:30 Cross-Domain Stakeholder-Alignment in Collaborative SoS – Lego® Serious Play® as a Boundary Object
 Julia Köhlke, Sebastian Hanna and Johann Schuetz

18:00 Using a case study as a learning vehicle in improving the learning outcomes of a course in SoSE Research Methods 
Gerrit Muller, Satyanarayana Kokkula, Elisabet Syverud and Kristin Falk

18:30 A Controlled Experiment on using Cognitive Work Analysis for System Engineering definition process 
Daniel Prun and Camille Raymond

3.4B: Perspectives on Systems of Systems from different domains

INCOSE WG session

Thursday, June 17

Thursday, June 17 15:00 – 15:10

4.1A: Introduction Day 4

Thursday, June 17 15:10 – 16:10

4.2A: SoSE decision making

15:10 Should I Stay or Should I Go? How Constituent Systems Decide to Join or Leave SoS Constellations 
Pontus Svenson and Jakob Axelsson

15:40 Exploring the Concept Selection Process in subsea field development projects 
Øyvind J-C Åslie and Kristin Falk

4.2B: SoS architecture

15:10 An Event-based Microservice Platform for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems: the case of Smart Farming 
Dimitris Gkoulis, Cleopatra Bardaki, Elena Politi, Ioannis Routis, Mara Nikolaidou, George Dimitrakopoulos and Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos

15:40 Case Study on the Fuzzy Architecture Description of Cyber-Physical SoS under Uncertainty 
Flavio Oquendo

4.2C: Data analytics in SoS

15:10 Challenges in providing sustainable analytic of system of systems with long life time 
Daniel Hallmans, Kristian Sandström, Stig Larsson and Thomas Nolte

15:40 Over 60,000 km in a Year: Remotely Collecting Large-Volume High-Quality Data from a Logistics Truck in Daily Operation
Christian Berger, Arpit Karsolia, Federico Giaimo and Ola Benderius

Thursday, June 17 16:25 – 17:15

4.3A: Keynote: System Innovation – Visualizing Ecosystems to Enforce Transformation

Kim Wikström

Thursday, June 17 17:30 – 18:30

4.4A: Autonomous and adaptive SoS

17:30 Test and Evaluation Framework for Multi-Agent Systems of Autonomous Intelligent Agents 
Erin Lanus, Ivan Hernandez, Adam Dachowicz, Laura Freeman, Melanie L Grande, Andrew Lang, Jitesh Panchal, Anthony Patrick and Scott Welch

18:00 Generation of Adaptation Strategies for Dynamic Reconfiguration of a System of Systems 
Sungjin Lee, Young-Min Baek, Sangwon Hyun and Doo-Hwan Bae

Thursday, June 17 17:30 – 19:00

4.4B: Innovation ecosystems

Friday, June 18

Friday, June 18 15:00 – 15:10

5.1A: Introduction Day 5

Friday, June 18 15:10 – 16:40

5.2A: Trustworthy SoS

15:10 System of Systems Engineering Approach for Complex Deterministic and Nondeterministic Systems (ACDANS) 
Paul C. Hershey

15:40 Architecting system of systems solutions with security and data-protection principles 
Behnam Asadi Khashooei, Alexandr Vasenev, Hasan Alper Kocademir and Roland W.M. Mathijssen

16:10 Uncertainty based Fault Type Identification for Fault Knowledge Base Generation in System of Systems 
Seungchyul Shin, Sangwon Hyun, Yong-Jun Shin, Jiyoung Song and Doo-Hwan Bae

5.2B: Special session: Systems of robotic systems

15:10 Autonomous navigation through a system of systems cooperation
Othman Lakhal, Ahmad Koubeissi, Abdelouhab Aitouche, Christophe Sueur and Rochdi Merzouki

15:40 Formal approach to SoS management design
Hela Kadri, Othman Lakhal, Blaise Conrard and Rochdi Merzouki

16:10 System of robotic systems for crack predictive maintenance
Mouad Kahouadji, Othman Lakhal, Xinrui Yang, Abdelkader Belarouci and Rochdi Merzouki

5.2C: Systems Engineering Masters Education and the role of SoSE

Friday, June 18 16:55 – 17:45

5.3A: Keynote: Systems of Systems Engineering, a 30 year retrospective

Duncan Kemp

Friday, June 18 17:45 – 18:05

5.4A: Closing SoSE 2021