Novel engineering systems

SoSE 2018 Special Session on Novel Engineering Systems for Systems of Systems


Scope and Objectives
This special session aims to establish an overview of the state of the art on the emerging engineering systems applied to support system-of-systems design and development. It brings together invited speakers from worldwide-recognized knowledge and technology providers as well as the standardization and user viewpoints. In addition, each article will position its contributions in terms of the Technology Readiness Levels reached by the work presented, aiming to exhibit an overall landscape of emerging engineering systems for systems-of-systems.

Topics of Interest
In the field of systems-of-systems, model-based engineering & architecting, formal approach, user interface definition and transversal disciplines like cybersecurity


Vincent Arnould, Naval Group
Flavio Oquendo, IRISA – Univ. Bretagne Sud
Salah Sadou, IRISA – Univ. Bretagne Sud

Submission guidelines

The Special Session is an integral part of the SoSE conference, with same deadlines. Please refer to the conference submission guidelines: