Special Sessions


SoSE 2018 Special Sessions 

(provisional list)

  • Micro system of systems based on distributed micro-actuators or/and micro-sensors, Laurent Petit, Frédéric Lamarque
  • Healthcare, Alex Gorod, Leonie Hallo, Sue Merchant, Brian White
  • System Integration, the opportunities and challenges, Mohammad Rajabali Nejad
  • Systems Policy and Governance, Mo Mansouri

A special session consists of four to five related papers and is divided into slots of 25 minutes each.
SoSE 2018 organizers will need to ensure the quality of special papers. For submission instruction, please refer to the regular paper submission guidelines and deadlines. All special papers will undergo the same review process as the regular papers on EDAS. Note that if less papers in a special session are accepted, the special session may be cancelled and the accepted special papers will go to regular sessions.